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System Architecture

System Architecture

In a fast evolving IT landscape, choosing the correct system architecture is no longer a straightforward process.  Deciding between on-premise or cloud-based (SaaS, SaaP and IaaS) is not always a question of cost.  Operator licensing conditions, regulatory requirements, data security implications, environment security and control of intellectual property can all have a significant bearing on which architectural solution is optimal for the business.

Where on-premise solutions are employed, what is the best approach?  Is it converged, hyper-converged and how should these systems be deployed and supported?

For cloud solutions where can the business achieve the most benefit?  From Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), from Platform as a Service (PaaS) or from Software as a Service (SaaS)?

At Langdale we have extensive experience with the deployment of both cloud-based architecture and high density, hyper-converged, on-premise architecture.  We do not subscribe to any single approach but rather analyse the full set of requirements from the business and recommend the options that best meet these requirements.