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Our Development Services

Langdale offers a range of software development services, and is comfortable working with new technologies to ensure we always use the best tools for the job at hand. With experience on both prototyping and production-ready systems, our developers can create solutions to suit your business needs.

Integration and Middleware

With vast amounts of experience in the integration space, Langdale specialises in providing middleware and integration services between enterprise-scale systems, with a focus on distribution and production systems. We ensure robust and reliable solutions in real-time, mission-critical environments.


System Integration

We utilise Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) and apply them with a focus on high reliability and availability in mission critical environments.



Our middleware runs in enterprise-scale environments with high volumes of data throughput, where robustness, reliability and performance are key.

Business Applications

Our developers work with your employees to ensure that business applications meet your business needs. We work on any and every point of the product development life-cycle, whether it be producing a testable prototype to satisfy a proposed business case, productionising an existing prototype, or providing maintenance and upgrades to current applications. Below are some examples of  prototype applications we have productionised and made ready for widespread business use.



A communications fibre network management and mapping tool. A RESTful Java back-end built on Spring framework. A browser-based JavaScript front-end, built around the mxGraph library.


Load Estimator

Utilising market data for energy consumption, the load estimator produces highly accurate estimates of the energy profile for distribution substations, in areas with only partial interval meter penetration

Scripting and Automation

We produce scripts and provide automation wherever possible to facilitate and streamline our system development, deployment, upgrade and maintenance services.



Shell, Bash, Javascript, Python, PLSQL...
Regardless of what systems you are implementing, we can always provide scripts for the job at hand.



We strive to develop system components and tests to run with little to no supervision, and reduce the need for human interaction with intermediary steps within a system.

Redevelopment and Productionising

Langdale doesn’t just build new software from scratch. 

We can transform internal prototype solutions into production-ready software and update that deployed system that may work well, but probably needs a functional expansion to keep in line with evolving business needs. 



We take your outdated, existing solutions and rebuild them with the latest technologies, adding enhancements and ensuring that all functionality has been maintained.



We can evaluate your existing internal prototype software or tools and build it into a system ready to be deployed in your production environment.