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Consulting Services

Langdale leverages the considerable experience of our consultants to deliver a wide range of technical and utility consultation services.

Utility Assurance Practice

The development of proven methodologies for verifying compliance frameworks within energy utilities business is a logical extension of Langdale’s consulting services and strategic advice provided to energy utilities across Australia and the immediate region.

Traversing both distribution and transmission businesses across Australian states has exposed Langdale Consultants to the sustained reform in energy infrastructure regulation comprising legislation, electrical and market rules, planning and network regulation.
Our compliance audit methodology is consistently held in high regard by clients seeking services from a fully independent unconflicted organisation.
Our clients find benefits in combining verification of regulatory compliance frameworks with other reviews including safety, reliability, technical and maintenance plans.

In addition, Langdale Consultants have contributed to the development of capital expenditure requirements to be included in revenue proposals for electricity transmission networks.

For further information on our utility assurance services, please contact us or our Utility Assurance Practice Lead, Phillip Grieshaber.

System Acquisition

Langdale’s consultants have had extensive experience working as part of client teams for the procurement of enterprise software systems. Our experience extends from initial requirements gathering from business stakeholders, to generation of system specifications, management of EOI and RFP processes, and technical assistance during contract negotiations.

Langdale has particular expertise in identifying gaps between client requirements and the capabilities of vendor’s offered systems, and then developing ranges of options to meet the missing client requirements in a technically sound and cost-effective manner.

All of our consultants have worked in technical roles on both the vendor and client side of system acquisition, and so are well placed to understand the needs of both sides and help achieve “win-win” outcomes.

Enterprise Architecture

Langdale’s consultants have extensive experience in providing enterprise architecture advice to clients. Langdale has developed and implemented an enterprise service bus for one large client, and has extensive experience with the deployment of both cloud-based architecture and high density, hyper-converged, on-premise architecture.

IEC Common Information Model

As participants in several IEC Common Information Model working groups, Langdale helped define the international standards that integrate information systems in the electric power industry. 

Langdale has provided advice and assistance to multiple clients in utilising the CIM standard to exchange network data between disparate client systems. We have also created some of the key software for IEC CIM users, including CIMTool.