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Our Monitoring and Support Services

Langdale has a successful history of providing support and monitoring services for real time, mission-critical systems. We have experience with a variety of monitoring tools, and this experience only grows with time as new products and technologies are implemented by our clients.


We don’t really mind if your applications run straight on an OS or in a container, we can support and monitor both.


Enterprise Scale

Our client systems process thousands of messages a minute, all under the watchful eye of the Langdale support team.


Virtualised Infrastructure

Our support engineers specialise in monitoring virtual environments, with experience in  VMWare and Nutanix.


Local Support

Our offices and staff are located in Sydney, Australia. 


System Health Checking

Real time health checking for both servers and their applications, to make sure your environment is behaving the way it should.


Log monitoring

We implement open source tools to collate your logs and build meaningful visualisations for them, so we (or you) can keep an eye on things.