CIMValidate is a tool for validating EPRI CIM power system models. It validates CIM/XML files or, in fact, any RDF document.

CIMValidate is primarily developed by Arnold deVos at Langdale Consultants based on the Stanford RDF toolkit. But it is an open source project to which anyone can contribute. The project is maintained on sourceforge.

This page provides convenient access to the manual page for the command line tool and the gui tool. The javadoc can be browsed also.


Installation is now very simple as all the dependencies are bundled in the jar file provided.

  1. Ensure you have a Java 2 runtime environment installed first.
  2. Download the CIMValidate jar file and place it in any convenient folder.
  3. Double click the jar file to launch the CIMValidate user interface. Alternatively, type one of the commands given on the manual pages.

Copyright 2001 Langdale Consultants
Contact Arnold deVos for further information.