The Xpetal Tool

The Xpetal tool converts UML models in Rational Rose files to RDF models, HTML reports and XML schemata. This is especially useful for those Model Driven Architecture (MDA) projects where the specification takes the form of a UML model and the implementation employs XML.

The DAF and CIM/XML specifications are examples of the MDA approach and this tool is intended to support them. However, Xpetal is useful for a wide range of UML-driven projects.

The tool is customisable on two levels: its XSLT scripts can be edited to change the mapping from UML to RDF. At a deeper level, the tool is built on a SAX transformation framework that can be driven from the command line or an Ant task.


Installation is simple because all the dependencies are bundled in the jar file provided.

  1. Ensure you have a Java 2 runtime environment installed first.
  2. Download the Xpetal jar file and place it in any convenient folder
  3. Run the Xpetal command as per the manual page.

Xpetal is an open source project maintained on sourceforge. It is primarily developed by Arnold deVos at Langdale Consultants and uses the Apache Xalan XSLT processor.


Xpetal-20020112a.jar Updated HTML output methods (see styler).
Xpetal-20010921a.jar Added the -namespace and -xsd options.
Xpetal-20010909a.jar First release as an integrated jar file.

Copyright 2001, 2002 Langdale Consultants
Contact Arnold deVos for further information.