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PICA 2001

PICA is the IEEE conference for Power Industry Computer Applications. PICA 2001 was held in Sydney, Australia.


Two papers relevant to the Data Access Facility and CIM/XML language were presented at PICA 2001.

Knowledge Representation for Power System Modelling deals with the application of Resource Description Framework to power system modelling and control system maintenance.

XML for CIM Model Exchange decribes the CIM/XML language, its application and its development.

These papers are Copyright 2001 IEEE from the PICA 2001 Proceedings. Reprinted, with permission.


These are the various presentations made by me (Arnold deVos) or my collaborators at PICA 2001. The component tutorial is not on this page (because IEEE require access to be restricted to participants).

These are the zipped PowerPoint presentations:

  1. The CIM/XML language for model exchange
  2. Knowledge Representation for Power System Modelling
  3. Component Panel position