Langdale Consulting and Technical Services

About Langdale Consultants

Langdale Consultants provides consulting services for IT system acquisition, deployment and integration. Langdale is a leading consultant in the Australian power industry but also operates in the broader utilities sector, telecommunications, manufacturing , materials handling and other industries.

Our principal consultants each have over 20 years experience in information technology, realtime systems, and systems integration. Their background includes roles in utilities and control system vendors, as well as consulting experience in Australia, the UK and the USA.

Our recent engagements include the provision of consulting services for the acquisition of major systems at Integral Energy and Country Energy. At Integral Energy, we hold the Technical Lead and System Architect roles for the Integrated Asset Information Management Strategy (IAIMS) project that encompasses a number of systems including GIS, AMS, WMS, DMS and OMS.

Internationally, Langdale are engaged in defining B2B and EAI specifications in the electric energy sector and Langdale staff have authored or co-authored several standards surrounding the IEC Common Information Model. We currently provide consulting services to Areva T&D and collaborate with the other leading system vendors to define standards and create tools that enable their systems to communicate with each other.

As an independent company, Langdale is able to perform objective analysis and make impartial recommendations. This enables Langdale to consult on system procurement decisions and to provide technical governance in integration projects where a number of vendors are involved.